Kohlmann Classic

High-Quality Swinging Front Entry Doors Installed in Coconut Grove, FL


A beautiful home shaded by trees and surrounded by carefully manicured landscaping, the Kohlmann Classic is an oasis in Coconut Grove, Florida. What’s more, serving as an eye-catching welcome are arched swinging front entry doors installed by Exclusive Wood Doors.


This home features our GP110 door style in our mahogany wood species. This door, showcasing a rich brown color palette, nicely contrasts the crisp white of the home. Additionally, this swinging front entry door is equipped with a secure multipoint locking system and polished chrome handles, combining functionality with unrivaled aesthetic appeal.


And when in Florida, having a home that can withstand rough storms is a must. That is why the swinging front entry doors on the Kohlmann Classic are designed to be able to withstand any type of rough weather Mother Nature may have in store.