Palm Beach Classic

An Eye-Catching Swinging Front Entry Door Installed on This West Palm Beach, FL, Home


Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Palm Beach Classic offers visual interest, unmatched curb appeal, and dependable functionality. When approaching this home, you are first greeted with an arched entryway, which leads to the front doorstep. And complementing this architectural element, we have installed a beautiful, arched swinging front entry door.


The Palm Beach Classic project showcases our P200 door style. This door is crafted from our mahogany wood species, which presents a warm, deep brown color. This door is also equipped with flat black handles and a secure multipoint locking system.


Additionally, as any Florida homeowner knows, our weather can be unpredictable and strong storms come in abundance. Therefore, the swinging front entry doors on this home are hurricane-impact approved, ensuring they can take on anything Mother Nature may have in store.