Palmer Trinity

Stunning Swinging Front Entry Door Installed on This Palmetto Bay, FL, Church


In Palmetto Bay, Florida, the Palmer Trinity presents as a perfect example of how swinging entry doors can add beauty and functionality to a municipal space.


The Palmer Trinity showcases a special order/custom classic wood panel door style. These swinging front entry doors are also crafted from our mahogany wood species, which adds bold and rich color to the space.


Additionally, these doors are equipped with panic hardware that can be operated either manually or electronically via a key fob, flat black handles, and a door closer that can be found on the primary door.


This swinging front entry door is also ADA compliant for commercial use, ensuring all visitors will have full accessibility. And at Exclusive Wood Doors, our swinging entry doors are hurricane impact approved. This means that they will be able to handle whatever Florida’s rough weather may have in store.