What Makes Exclusive Wood Doors Different?

What Makes Exclusive Wood Doors Different?

What Makes Exclusive Wood Doors Different?

wood door manufacturerA quick Google search of where to buy exterior doors will show you that there are a handful of custom wood door companies in the region. So what sets Exclusive Wood Doors apart as the best door manufacturer? We believe this comes down to a combination of several different ways in which we excel at our craft and work to exceed expectations. As a locally based custom door company in Doral, Florida, that serves the greater Miami-Dade and Broward County areas, we are committed to providing homeowners and remodelers alike with exceptionally crafted custom wood doors.

Drive for Innovation

At Exclusive Wood Doors, average simply isn’t in our vocabulary. We have a true drive for innovation and are always working to be the best door manufacturer in Doral, FL, and beyond. What this means for you is that we continuously develop products that offer more and perform better than what any other door manufacturer can offer. Our patent-pending Weather Performance Sill on our pivot entrance doors is just one example of features that other door manufacturers simply don’t offer.

Limitless Design Options

Our drive for innovation also translates to virtually limitless design options. We can craft grand entrance doors that are far larger than the average door and that feature just about anything you desire for your custom wood doors. With numerous options available for the wood species, stain color, style, dimensions, glass details, and hardware, we offer the highest level of design flexibility. In fact, while other door companies can only offer impact-approved doors that swing open to the outside, our innovative and flexible design options allow for impact-approved doors that can be opened to the inside or outside to better suit your preferences.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Exclusive Wood Doors has been serving Doral, FL, and the surrounding counties since our founding in 1994. With decades of experience, our team is made up of true craftsmen of the trade who offer the highest level of workmanship in every custom wood door we create. We stand behind the products we develop, which is why each custom wood door comes backed with a generous warranty as well.

Customer Service

Of course, even the best products on the market can be marred by poor customer service and communication. At Exclusive Wood Doors, we pride ourselves in offering customer service that is second to none, and we always focus on providing the highest level of service to our customers. If you’d like to find out for yourself why we’re the best door manufacturer serving Doral, FL, and all surrounding communities, contact us today for more information.