Why Customers Are Choosing Exclusive Wood Doors

Today’s products must meet local construction requirements and architectural design concepts for almost any space. Residential and commercial buildings are being designed with more than just standard openings. As a leading manufacturer of custom wood doors, we are committed to redefining the category of doors by combining performance, innovative design options, and size for each of our product categories. Our swinging entry doors, pivot entry doors, and folding patio doors are impact approved and backed by Florida’s rigorous testing standards for air, water, and structural performance. During our 25-plus years in business, our product categories have expanded from serving Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to North America.


We are proud to offer innovative door products

Perhaps our most popular product category, a hinged entrance door that swings open and closed with outstanding design options for a first impression that makes an impact.

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A design forward entrance door that rotates on a pivot point rather than traditionally swinging when opened and closed. Ideal for larger openings, pivot is engineered to taller and wider sizes.

Folding patio doors transform conventional standard walls to operable glass walls with doors that fold and stack like an accordion to open a home and merge indoor and outdoor space.

Hurricane Impact Approved

Exclusive Wood Doors exterior doors have exceeded Florida’s most rigorous hurricane impact testing standards for air, water, and structural performance as defined by Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County – considered to be the most stringent standards in the industry. Our swinging doors, pivot doors, and folding doors are engineered to some of the largest hurricane impact approved sizes on the market with each designed to achieve design pressure ratings compliant with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements. Our exterior doors are not only the perfect solution for coastal and hurricane prone areas but for securing any residential or commercial opening.

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25-plus years in business, and we continue the family tradition of unwavering commitment to manufacturing and furnishing high-quality products. We truly understand that every team member is integral to the company’s success. We also appreciate each customer and the projects we complete together. We take pride in our position as a luxury brand and leading manufacturer in the industry. Our commitment to solid integrity in every opening is evidenced by industry professionals and homeowners sharing their experience in the form of a review on platforms such as Google and Houzz. We have earned five-star reviews and invite you to view what others are saying.

Our Drive for Innovation

We believe that innovation drives our company forward, that is why you will never see us settle. We are constantly striving to improve and redefine design possibilities.