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Today, 30 years later, we continue the family tradition of unwavering commitment to manufacturing and furnishing high-quality products. We truly understand that every team member is integral to our success. We also appreciate each customer and the projects we complete together. We take pride in our position as a luxury brand and leading wood door manufacturer in the industry. We will continue to serve Miami-Dade County, Broward County and North America proudly.


As a leading wood door manufacturer, we believe that innovation drives our front door company forward. We command performance in hurricane zones from all our product categories while pushing the boundaries with taller and wider product dimensions. We test and qualify a multitude of hardware configurations that allow our products to be suitable for a large range of residential and commercial projects.


We know what it takes to create custom made-to-order wood doors, we’ve been doing it since 1994. Our products are made by highly skilled artisans in conjunction with state-of-the-art computer numeric control (CNC) machinery to ensure each part is made with precision and to exact specifications. We follow a proven production process to transform the combination of each part into a long-lasting, functioning wood door.


We’ve spent 30 years researching, developing, and implementing new practices – we are proud of how our products are made. We source the highest quality material options to ensure each door and its components endure and function reliably. We undergo the complete manufacturing process, which begins with kiln-drying each board of wood and concludes when each product is finished and sent on to its destination.

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We believe that innovation drives our company forward, that is why you will never see us settle. We are constantly striving to improve and redefine design possibilities.

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