Our folding patio doors transform conventional standard walls to operable glass walls with doors that fold and stack like an accordion to open a home and merge indoor and outdoor space. Our multi-fold patio doors are available in many fold and stack configurations, can resist hurricanes with outswing operation, feature award-winning top hung hardware, and can span up to sixteen (16) doors to offer state-of-the-art space design for residential and commercial openings in Miami-Dade and Broward County and the for North American market.


Our folding patio doors feature award-winning fully adjustable Centor top hung operating hardware, where the weight is primarily carried by the head track and the bottom track is a guide. A primary benefit of top hung operating hardware is that smooth operation is assured even when dirt or debris might collect in the bottom track. In addition to the operating hardware being top hung, the adjustment features of the hardware contribute to long-term smooth operation and maintenance. Our easy-to-operate hardware offers design flexible configurations and can include a swinging door for easy access when you don’t need to fully open and stack all doors.

Aluminum Clad

Our folding patio doors are available in all wood and thermally broken aluminum clad. Our thermally broken aluminum clad combines the best of both wood and aluminum. Our solid wood is cladded with low-maintenance European engineered aluminum profiles for attractive weatherproofing and long-term protection. This integration of wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside is engineered to perform in high exposure environments with outstanding thermal performance. Our aluminum clad profiles are available in many colors and can be coordinated to match with an existing window or door.

Hurricane Impact Approved

Our folding patio doors are hurricane impact approved at a maximum height of 10’ tall or at a maximum width of 4’ wide – one of the largest hurricane impact approved multi-fold patio doors on the market. Our folding patio doors have exceeded Florida’s most rigorous testing standards for air, water, and structural performance with design pressure ratings compliant with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements. Our folding patio doors not only fulfill code requirements for Miami-Dade County but guarantee the safety and security of any residential or commercial opening.